Call Me Constant

Cleveland, OH

"A fantastic rock album, punctuated by heavy guitars and terrific vocals. Their music is complex, but not alienating. To call this emo would be to miss the point... This is a terrific debut EP from an extremely talented band." - Dusty Evely (

"[Call Me Constant]has polished and smoothed out its rough edges, using prog-influenced pop inflections and emo-styled lyrical salvos to charm listeners [...] although behind all those accessible pop melodies are some serious six-string riffs." - Keith Gribbins, Cleveland Scene Magazine

The new EP from Call Me Constant showcases the bands knack (and knick, for that matter) for crafting audible bursts of musical intuition with a dash of technicality. Littered with passion, aggression, references (historical and cinematic), and changes (both tempo and otherwise)!

To be perfectly technical, audio falls into two categories: Noise and Music. We are doing our darndest to fall into the latter. Formed in 2000 and in motion ever since, Call Me Constant was born out of a desire to craft, create, and conspire. Eight years later, the desire remains the same, serving as the glue that holds this machine steady. Through several years of pitching, yawing, and shifting, discoveries were made regarding the musicians we were growing into, the sounds we wanted to make, and the words we wanted to say. In fact, the only thing that's remained the same from eight years past are the men themselves.