Cincinnati, Ohio

There are many things that inspire me to drop to my knees and give thanks to the cosmic overmind; after family, friends and relatively good fortune, I am eternally grateful that I live in the same time and vicinity as Buckra, four guys who play like eight and entertain like a stripper on steroids. Every club they play becomes a church, every audience a deliriously faithful, snake-handling congregation and every song an ass-shaking hymn of redemption and praise. As it is written, chapter and verse, “Thou shalt shake your baby fat, and your groove thang. And it shall be good. No, it shall be great. Wait, what’s better than great? Verily, it is Buckra.”

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: A mad scientist brain-scrambles the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Van Halen, Sly Stone and Naked Raygun, and they organize Gypsyjazzgroovapalooza after the electrodes cool. (Brian Baker)