Black Owls

Granville, Ohio

Black Owls are a dark horse in Amish country. In this hilly agrarian footprint of Ohio you could expect something harvest rootsy, something campfire acoustic, even collegiate. But Black Owls have a unique perspective, and create winsome yet powerful rock songs that meld glam, punk, & classic rock to a uniquely ardent voice. That voice thumps and dances, like a dead tree dancing in the wind. It's all very Edgar Allen Poe you see. They are the perpetual sound of late fall, infusing the impending cold with the warm sounds of harvest celebration. They are the things that go bump in the night.

Black Owls sing "cautionary tales of excess" on their label Amish Girl Music. Irony breathes. Addictions and bad timing, tornados, handgun-laden benders, broads & booze, giant white dragons & horrible pilgrims and the darkest trees you've ever seen. Like a stovepipe belching coal smoke or Lincoln's woolen tailcoat. That shade of glorious black. Stories set out to sea on a rickety boat, swelling and rolling on a perfect storm of dark sonic waves. Majestic tones & just right notes. Black Owls wear their influences on their sleeves, but the sound is their own. They are an affable lot, like an Irish pub band with two-fisted rock tendencies.

- Chris Brown, REfueled Magazine