Best Coast

Los Angeles, CA

Best Coast's recently minted debut full-length, the aptly titled Crazy for You, opens with this lyrical nugget from singer/songwriter Bethany Cosentino: “I wish he was my boyfriend.” And that's just the opening salvo in an album rife with simple, California-centric pleasures. The lo-fi video for album-closer “When I’m with You,” an infectious piece of fuzzy Surf Pop, features everything you need to know about BC's aesthetic: a Ronald McDonald clone, sunglasses, a bedspread with a pot leaf on it, cats, In-N-Out Burger, a sunny beach and a sweet, reverb-drenched guitar solo from Cosentino's long-haired creative partner Bobb Bruno.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Old-school Liz Phair doing ’60s girl-group covers, The Beach Boys, Imperial Teen at a weed- and beer-fueled beach party. (Jason Gargano)