Babe The Blue OX

Brooklyn, NY

It’s been almost 20 years since Babe the Blue Ox unleashed its eponymous debut on an unsuspecting world. Standing at the crossroads of visceral Punk and psychedelic Blues and directing traffic there to a skronk Jazz/Funk arrangement style, BOX (guitarist/vocalist Tim Thomas, bassist Rose Thomson, drummer Hanna Fox and, later, percussionist Eddie Gormley, who doubles as Fox’s husband) seemed poised to kick the industry in its complacent ass. Alas, a string of brilliant indie releases, knockout live shows and a pair of major-label wonders and it was largely over, other than a few one-off gigs. BOX has been on relative hiatus in the new millennium as everyone pursued other bands, but they reassembled in 2007 and have improbably remained together to resurrect their dreams of world (or at least neighborhood) domination. If MidPoint is serving up any “don’t miss” gigs this year (and we are), Babe the Blue Ox certainly belongs near the top of the list.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Pixies and Captain Beefheart voodoostein a body to life with the brain of Tom Waits and the booty of Sly Stone. (Brian Baker)