Astro Fang

Dayton, OH

It should be noted for the sake of clarity that Astro Fang is fronted by a gentleman named Brian Baker, which only goes to show that there’s one of us in every American city. We’re a franchise, apparently. Very few, however, are as creatively deranged as the one from Dayton, whose alter ego is Grizzzzy Bear. Astro Fang is synth-driven, guitar-powered Electro Punk Surf Wave Outer Space Monster Movie music. The band’s top five influences are Star Wars, Beer, Black Sabbath, Video Games and Hatred of Work and it’s all there in its eponymous debut. Fasten your seat belt and keep your hands inside the rocket sled; it’s going to be fast and crazy.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: DEVO and Tommy Iommi and the Godfathers and The Mermen write the score for The Creature from the Straight Eight Plan Nine Hang Ten Lagoon. (Brian Baker)