Andy Cook and the Wander Loons

Oberlin, Ohio

Mother Loon is a brave old soul,
She cradles her son in a wise wooden bowl.
She trained him to sing and gifted him candy,
She last-named him Cook
And first-named him Andy.

She sang to her children like water to seed
Lyrics of clouds reflecting the sea
She brewed them the finest of sweet melody
And taught them of verse and wise poetry.

And when they got old enough to sing songs
She gave them all instruments
To play right along.

They practiced all day
To make sure it was right
They even rehearsed
In their dreams at night.

Their songs they were good
And their talent it showed
It was time for these Loons
To Wander the road.

And now Andy sings
With his Wandering Loons
They play for the sun and the stars and the moon.
And most who have heard
Will surely agree
These birds are the bestest you ever did see!