Andrew Bean and the Lady Apollo

Plainfield, Indiana

It’s not hard to draw a line between Indiana and New Jersey when you hear Andrew Bean and the Lady Apollo, from the heartland-meets-Jeff Buckley dramatics of frontman Bean to the swinging, soulful heartland Rock laid down by the band behind him. Asbury Park clearly looms large for ABLA, from the obvious Springsteen lyrical references to the band’s story/song mini-operatics and musical benchmarks, but they’re equally indebted to the Stones, Dylan and Otis Redding, among a host of other predecessors. With their just released debut album, The Wreckage of My Youth, Andrew Bean and the Lady Apollo prove to be adept at folding influences into a familiar but solid and singular presentation that shakes the rafters and stirs the soul.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Bruce Springsteen and Meat Loaf build a shrine to Stax on E Street and install The Black Crowes as the house band. (Brian Baker)