Amo Joy

Indianapolis, IN

Amo Joy is a 4 piece psych-pop band from Indianapolis IN fueled by a love for kazoos, slide whistles, loud guitars, and cartoons. They have released three full length records, The Dictatorial Soiree, Theophrastus Bombastus, and their latest, The Sane Design, available now everywhere on Indianapolis-based Standard Recording Company.

"If you've ever thought about creating a kazoo troupe, you're too late. Indy's psychedelic "magical mystery band" Amo Joy beat you to the punch... All the jovial Amo Joy needed was a tuba player to replace the bass parts in songs that needed hearty "oompahs" and clowns balancing on giant rubber balls for more novelty."- Leslie Benson, Nuvo

"They match the absurdity of psychedelia with pop likeability to craft skewed masterpeices. Their music is the optimistic alternative to angst-ridden bands like Margot and the Nuclear So and So's. Amo Joy's songs are free of soul searching angst and chock full of... Joy." - Barfly

"Their psychedelic pop tunes are sure to be a hit for the E6 fans, saturated with kazoos, singalongs, and a nice helping of melodica." - The Flat Response