Allison Tartalia

New York/Los Angeles, New York

Allison Tartalia doesn’t fit comfortably in any particular genre and that’s fine with her. She’s translated her Classical piano training into a cohesive style that incorporates Chamber Pop, Folk, Pop and Jazz, and transcends the typical constraints of the singer/songwriter classification. She’s recorded her own work (her 2005 debut Ready, her imminent EP, Sweet and Vicious), guested on other people’s albums (including Ohio’s own Rhonda Everitt in her pale beneath the blue project) and scored musical theater productions and film documentaries. Whatever inner beat you groove to, Allison Tartalia will find a way to tap into it and win your love in the bargain.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Tori Amos and Rickie Lee Jones play Keith Emerson’s spinning piano at a Laura Nyro tribute while Kate Bush and Rufus Wainwright make shadow puppets underneath. (Brian Baker)