Albany, New York

Have you ever had a friend serve you some exotic dish made from a recipe they found on an obscure overseas Web site, and it tastes really great and then they tell you that it contains Tabasco and whipped cream and lime Kool-Aid and turnips? Aficianado is like that (not the turnips part) — no matter who they might claim as an influence, what they do with it in their sonic kitchen transforms it into something uniquely their own. You might pick out their love of The Hold Steady or Cursive, but if you listen hard enough, you’re likely also hear traces of Polyphonic Spree and Frank Zappa and Queen and Couch Flambeau and Poi Dog Pondering and Gogol Bordello … and Tabasco and whipped cream and lime Kool-Aid.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Musical score to a movie about an astronaut who discovers an ancient vaudeville civilization on the inside of a distant planet where giraffemonkeys conduct orchestras comprised of giant ferns that play wind instruments. (Brian Baker)