A Minor Bird

Canton, Ohio


Friday at 12:00AM

Mainstay Rock Bar

Thursday at 11:30PM

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Big feelers from Canton, this soulful foursome has played with Switchfoot and Seabird, and they grab at a similar chest-centered feel. Singer Kevin Embleton isn’t afraid to wail, and the overall startling Rock speaks with an intensely present, human energy. Highly melodic, with a strong structure that puts listeners front and center, songs are emotion-packed and highly personal, with a one-on-one vibe. A Minor Bird harnesses guitars, keys and drums into a hopeful sound that’s definitely theirs, yet heart-familiar.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Reminiscing, searching for your ex in the crowd, staring out car windows, The Working Title’s Attack and Release. (C. A. MacConnell)